On the Phone







She: Hello?


He: Hi.


She: Who is this?


He: You know…


She: No, I don’t.


He: Gotta guess, then…


She: Ok…you’re Brad Pitt, with a pretty voice, telling me that you are so tired of Angelina and all those kids, you want me to run away with you to Fidji.


He: Hmmm…nope.


She: No? Shoot!


He: (laugh) Try it again.


She: Listen… you tell me who you are, or I’m gonna hang up.


He: You asked me to call.


She: I did?


He: “Sing to me…”?


She: hmm…I see…


He: Then, we met in a dream…we danced…the beach…your hair…etc…etc…


She: It was not a beach.


He: Of course it was.


She: No. It was a restaurant, or something like that.


He: A beach.


She: Ok… then you know nothing about my dream. Ha!


He: Why don’t you tell me?


She: Hm…nothing happened actually. You were there. That’s all.


He: C’mon…Tell me.


She: What ?


He: I want to know how it was for you.


She: By the way, how did you find my phone number?


He: You gave it to me.


She: I did? In a dream? Are ou crazy?


He: Not in the dream, bonehead! In the e-mail you sent me from your cell phone.


She: What? Does it send the number? I did not know that…Gosh, I gotta change the settings.


He: Thank you…


She: No! I mean…now that I know. Thanks god I didn’t, or you’d never call…I mean…Ah! You know what I mean.


He: Do you want me to hang up?


She: No!


He: You knew I’d call, right?


She: Are you the “calling-her-tomorrow” kind of guy?


He: Oh…hell yes! I always call after dreams.


She: Hahaha!


He: It was in the same night, you know?


She: What?


He: The dream. I dreamed too.


She: Bullshit! You don’t even sleep when I do.


He: So you don’t know where I’ve been.


She: What you mean?


He: I’m in your area, just two countries down.


She: Wow…so close, yet so far…


He: I’m writing down.


She: What?


He: “So-close-yet-so-far”: for a song title.


She: Hahahah. Are you composing one for me?


He: Yes. About that hypnotic kiss…


She: What kiss?


He: The kiss. We kissed.


She: Liar!


He: On the beach. Remember?


She: It was not on the beach. It was on that table, in the restaurant’s corner.


He: See? There was a kiss!


She: Hahahah! You are bad!


He: I’m great!


She: Jeez…


He: What about the elevator? That was really great!


She: Elevator? There was no elevator!


He: Oh yes, there was! I…kind of opened your shirt in the elevator…


She: No way! It was at the bedroom’s door.


He: Ha! Bingo!


She: What?


He: I opened your shirt. See? I know.


She: I never said that.


He: Yes you did! And I did open it. I remember.


She: Stop! You had no dream at all!


He: Ok…I won’t tell the champagne part.


She: …


He: Wow…gives me goosebumps.


She: …


He: It was your idea, you know…sorry, it was impossible for me to stop.


She: …


He: Then we went to the shower…

I can still smell the champagne mixed with your perfume and  the hot water…


She: …


He: Hey! Are you there?


She: Shut up.


He: Sorry! Am I lying?


She: No!

No…but how would you know about that? I told you I had a dream of you only, nothing else.


He: I told you: I had the same dream.


She: How come?


He: I don’t know, but it was great!


She: Oh my…


He: What? Are you okay?


She: I’m blushing.


He: Why? Because I saw you naked, or cuz I know everything about “the dream”?


She: Gosh…both.


He: Can I make you blush again?


She: No!


He: Okay, what if I told you I’m arriving tomorrow?


She: Where?


He: At your door, babe.


She: Uh?


He: Well, almost. I’ll be at the airport around noon, and then some driver will take me to a hotel. Can I ask you to meet me somewhere?


She: …


He: Hey!


She: I don’t know…Would you like me to?


He: Absolutely.


She: I’m going to blush for sure.


He: Hahaha. Cute.  I want champagne.


She: Shut up…


He: And shower…


She: Stop! Nothing will happen between us just because of a little…a little shared delusion!


He: Oh, right! We had the same dream, at the same time, in the same night and it happens everyday to everyone!


She: I don’t know about everyone, but anyway there’s nothing going on between us! Forget about it!


He: It was not just a dream and you know that…it was special.


She: Nah! just a dream.


He: Don’t say that…


She: Whatever!


He: How long do we know eachother?


She: I’ve never met you.


He: Tell me: how long do we know eachother?


She: We don’t. You have never told me your name.


He: You never asked.


She: Cause it doesn’t matter. I like who you are for me, not who you are for the rest of the world. And if you are not who people say you are, I don’t give a shit! You’ll always be the guy I know.


He: What if I’m ugly, fat and dumb?


She: You’re lovely, kind, brilliant and the sweetest guy, even if you are the fat plumber!


He: See? It is special.


She: Anyway, we’ve never met, we don’t know who we REALLY are. I don’t want to ruin with a couple of hours of presence what is kind of true in my mind for so long.


He: You make no sense! If I can even be a plumber, how would we ruin anything?


She: I’m not talking about looks!


He: Listen…if you be the way you’ve always been, and the same with me, there’s no way we’ll ruin it anything. And trust me, I am who I am.


She: Right…but no champagne, or shirt, or shower…nothing!


He: It’s done. See you tomorrow.


She: No! Wait.


He: It’s not an option, Missy. I’ll call you. Sleep tight…dream of me.


She: I am dreaming.


He: I know…